Short Term Insurance For Your Vehicle

Need to borrow a car? Test drive an van? Get legal in minutes

Temp Coverage For Any Vehicle

If you are like most drivers, you have carefully selected the coverage on your current auto insurance policy. This coverage may provide you with benefits related to your own vehicle, and it may provide you with coverage that is required by state law. However, it may not extend to all of your needs. Temporary car insurance is a special type of coverage that you can purchase for a short period of time. You typically will select the exact number of days for your coverage, and terms range from one to 28 days in most cases. This coverage may be used when you borrow a friend's car for a period of time or for other short-term needs, and it can help you to remain fully insured so that you comply with the state's minimum auto insurance requirements based on local law.

Accidents can and do happen at any time, and they can occur regardless of the vehicle that you are driving. If you are purchasing short term cover, consider the state's minimum requirements for coverage as well as your own needs. Your rate will be based on everything from the type of vehicle you are being insured on to your age and your driving history. Rates can vary from provider to provider, so it can pay off to shop around to find the lowest rate possible.

Because this is a short-term type of coverage, the application process is often quick and easy. Furthermore, approval of your coverage is also typically fast. You can select the minimum amount of coverage required by law, or you can request additional coverage as desired. Most people who are shopping for a cheap short term policy will do so within a few hours or days of needing the coverage, and some may have an immediate need. Many providers have an online application and approval process for your convenience.

A long-term auto policy may provide you with many benefits and may cover most of your needs. However, there are instances when this coverage may not provide for all of your needs. It is important that you are fully covered each time you get behind the wheel. Temp cover gives you the ability to enjoy excellent coverage for a period of time as short as a single day, for a weekend or even as long as a week. If you have plans to drive a vehicle that is not your own, start shopping for short term car insurance today.